Friday, January 16, 2004

Life Lessons In Deceit and Hospitality

I know this already. I've known this for a long while. But, let's be redundant and act like everyone else doesn't realize this. Everyone is fake. Facades of amicability and condescension rolled into one. We are all Roman gods playing our parts in a grand play, as if our individual lives warranted such drama. I am the avenging Neptune, who's wrath is as deep as the oceans. She is proud Juno, who's ire is unabatable. He is Janus, the two-faced deity of beginnings and ends. FUCK THAT. We only have this one life of ours to live, and we are given no second chances. Why waste it ruining your sensibilities and berating others? Just because a person is not likable to YOU, does not mean that you should carry such ill will and condescension towards this fellow human. Such an act is more heinous when it is someone you can readily come in contact with. THERE IS ALWAYS A MIDDLE-GROUND. Don't hide the fact that you cannot get along with a person, and don't rub it in their face as if they're the Anti-Christ. A genuine person with a true soul would use their empathic ability to reason and give a person the right to know why they aren't liked. Those who perpetrate these facades are no better than the tyrants that monger for conflict in this world.
Now, you may see this shpiel as a bit of hypocracy on my part. Granted, it may as well be. But who isn't a hypocrite, please tell me. You sir/ma'am would be shot on sight for fear you would incite a rebellion of do-gooding. True, I am a bit two-faced, I treat one gender far differently than the other, thusly, certain assumptions can be made about me. I can be known to be unfair and cruel to the female side. I can be just as evil towards my own kind. I mean, I can hold a grudge against just about anyone, but I know that I can't hold them indefinitely. I eventually realize how childish it is to blindly hate someone over some kind of silly or contrived notion I have about them. That's called prejudice, folks. But whatever. When it comes to either side, I won't be deceitful, only in the most playful of manners. As far as I can tell, I've told both men and women the most blunt truths when necessary. Give or take situations when such truths would possibly demoralize them, I will go out of my way to tell the truth. Why mire yourself in a net of lies when it will only entrap you the more you pile on? So corrupt and bleak is this world that deceit is the law of the land, where to advance in life you must build your strength through lies and half-truths. Must you empower yourself through other peoples' downfall? Surely, the lion would rather call upon the help of other lions to take down the wildebeest rather than KILL another lion so it can feast on a larger portion. I can honestly say this, if I were to see that you can easily don a mask of deceit rather than lower the veil of insecurity, I WILL HATE YOU. You should not be fit for evolution's grace. Much like Love, Providence is BLIND. We will all survive and benefit by unconditional support, don't forget that. Don't be elitist, that is what being deceitful truly is. You are striking down others who do not fit into your perceived mold of decency. You are not the One and Most High Emperor/Empress of all Men. C'mon now, have a little bit of common wisdom here.
Now, this kind of view can easily turn militant, and thus ELITIST, but no, I could never strike down that path fully. Live and Let Die, I believe. Fate's greater scheme will be realized, and people will eventually gain a degree of empathy to learn how wrong they have been. Oh well.
Just go about and beat each other about the heads with blunt weapons. I care not. Continue the way of the primitives, and you will 'prosper' as they have. Let the sensible inherit the positions you have wrongly abused.

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