Thursday, June 26, 2003

this ROCKS. in less than one week, i will be out of this godforsaken wasteland of a town called Sacramento, heading towards the sinful pastures of Los Angeles and beyond. i'm extremely grateful to my cousins for bringing this trip together and bringing me along. there's nothing like escaping the boredom of life and abandoning all responsibilities.
while my sisters will be leaving with the first group of family on monday, my group will head out on wednesday, giving me extra time to organize the things i'll need for the trip. i might even buy and extra battery for my laptop for this trip. maybe not, those fuckers are expensive.
the girls of this trip plan on doing kiddie things like going to disneyland and shopping, namely, boring stuff. the guys, on the other hand, have other plans in mind. we'll most likely hit the town, clubbing at night (if there are any good clubs in L.A. that are 18 and up), go to San Diego most likely, and if i can persuade them, even Mexico. it'll be great. i'll try to update while i'm out, with pictures and shit.
i might have to buy a new memory stick for my camera, or maybe i can borrow orlando's 64mb stick...hopefully. doob's got a digital vidcam, so we're set there. hot shit, this'll be fuuuun.
i'll be skipping work tomorrow so i can help jon move...again.

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