Friday, June 27, 2003

Thank God, Hell has a Ghetto
what a great day. it's heating up, and i'm told today was the last day of work. i didnt go, because i helped Jon move his things to his new place. my sister says i should have called in, but i didnt even bother. i neglected protocol, Office Space style.
so now, i get to just chill for the next month, i dont even care about looking for another job for the rest of the summer. well, not entirely. there are still debts to pay off, and manditory expenses to take care of. eh, whatever. the state can take my job and shove it...into a closet, and forget i even worked there.
i feel good, getting sweaty, moving heavy things. soon, i've got to help my dad move everything in the family room out, because they're going to put tiles into the kitchen and family room. sounds great.

oh, and, jon and i had to drop some things off before he dropped me home, and it was in one of the infamous areas of Sacramento. G Parkway is like a small-scale version of Compton or something. it's odd to think that i live less than a mile away from one of 4 "ghettos" in Sacramento.
and of all the days i should have brought my camera to take pictures (of jon's new place, and of G Parkway), i didnt. dammit, those could have been awesome pictures.

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