Sunday, June 22, 2003

another weekend come and gone, now a whole week of work once more. although i can only work up to 6 hours a day this week (i'm too lazy to wake up earlier than that), it's all good. 6 hour shifts are my style, and the work day officially ends at 5:30 for us. that gives me plenty of time when i get home to dick around or play gamecube. yay :).
goddammit, i just used a smilie in my own blog. we're all doomed.
regardless of whether i actually got anything done this weekend, it felt gooood. i've had some of the sweetest dreams these past few nights. i'm tellin ya, i felt warm and tingly on the inside. no, i didnt wet the bed, dammit.
one of the dreams i had was an odd moment at work where it seemed like i "reconciled" with that one girl, although i never fell out of favor with her for anything. bah. but anyway, she walks up to me while i'm doing something unimportant, like sharpening my pencil, and she starts talking to me like we're back in our training class. ah, those were the happy days. and i think i apologize to her for some mysterious offense i had inflicted upon her, and all was good. and it was as if we could pick things up again and have a happy ending. bleh, it was a dumb dream, but i did wake up smiling a bit.
my other dream was a charming "date" dream, where i met up with this really cute classmate of mine at some public place, an outdoor shopping plaza or something. and we start walking around, chatting, having a good time. fast-forward past all the innocent love bullshit, and we're chilling on my bedroom floor (although i seem to have a spacious bedroom in my dream), and theres a mini tv on. we're laying flat on our stomachs, me facing the tv, and her nearly parallel to the televizzle. i scooch (heh, thats not a real word) closer to her, and we talk a little bit closer. she's smiling at me the entire time, with that shine in her eyes that TOTALLY melts my heart and shit. my elbow grazes hers, and i inch close-up to her, and give her a kiss on the cheek, pretty close to her lips. she blushes, and then she leans in to return the kiss...and then i wake up.
fucking dreams, i swear they're like your average girl, TEASES.

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