Monday, December 31, 2012

Twelve Themes of Two Thousand Twelve: Cuisine (7/12)

What is life without a nourishing meal? A rather bland existence, in my humble opinion. This year, I have been fortunate enough to sample delectable foods without having to go on arduous journeys to satisfy my appetite.



Uncle Vito's
This is always a toss-up. Two excellent choices of pizza within walking distance of each other, each representing unique takes on the Italian delight. Do I side with the hearty display of Chicago-style pie or that delectable pesto wedge?

Five Guys


In 'n Out
It is a gut-wrenching decision to choose between these burger options. On the one hand, the foil-wrapped wonder. On the other hand, the comforting proportion of animal-style nomnomness. I tend to let the character of their respective fries edge my deliberation.

Baked Turkey Meatballs


Chicken Stuffed Jumbo Shells
These are newcomers to my culinary arsenal. Both are fun meals to prepare, with similar cooking procedures. Both go well with tomato sauce. However, I must align myself with the meatballs because they are much simpler finger food.



Two southern staples I enjoy making. Both rice-oriented. One is easier to cook, the other a test of roux skill. It is a shame that I cannot decide among these flavorful dishes. Perhaps this is a tie. Perhaps I will cook both one day with a side of fried catfish. C'est bon manger.

Burgers & Brew
Not only is this establishment a perfect combination of food and drink, but they offer a Niman Ranch patty. But the real gem is the Buffalo burger. I have not tasted a more succulent helping of ground meat-on-bun in Northern California.

Lalos Taco al pastor
I am hesitant to place this on my list of delectable cuisine. Mostly because I want to keep this secret to myself and those who introduced me to it. Located in a rather hidden part of Sacramento, the food here is the bomb dot com. Their taco al pastor is peerless.

Gogi Korean Taco
When people explained this idea to me, I was curious. When I saw the taco, I was reluctant. When I devoured it, I was enlightened. Fusion cuisine might be rather kitsch to my tastes, but I have made an exception for Gogi.

La Garnacha Breakfast Burrito
I cannot say enough about this place and its food. It is open all hours. It now has carne asada fries. It has Jarritos and original Coca-Cola. This has been my go-to meal for those late nights downtown all year. I am generally a fan of the chorizo breakfast burrito, but the bacon...

The only explanation required is to put bacon in, around, and next to edible stuff.

Chips Ahoy Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate cookies
Snack food is a mild weakness of mine. When my cravings are not fulfilled by meat products, I grab a package of these. They are divine a la mode.

Hot Cheetos & Takis
It is so good that it spawned a music video. I originally doubted the power of Takis, and then I noticed that they are very easy to get hooked on. Just like Flaming Hot Cheetos. These are so powerful, they demolish you on the way in and on the way out.


Jasmine's cooking. This is something I will cherish and seek to never share with others. I can't begin to  list the salivating miracles she offers. First, it began with my exposure to her tortilla soup. Gradually, I have been blessed to dine on her dizzying array of cuisine from time to time. This is good eats that rivals my moms.


orlando said...

reading this post makes me nostalgic for all the epicurean epicness I am missing while in kiwi'sville.

thank you for making my mouth water.

orlando said...

oh, and this reminds me... as I bid USA another adieu i'll be sure to swing by La Garnacha and welcome myself into a food coma slash burrito desayunos de tocino. I'll be sure to say hola to the cute Mexican girl with glasses and tats for ya!

Rodney Corpuz said...

Ha haaaah. These are necessary ritual victuals each time you are in town!

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