Tuesday, April 15, 2003

work seems to get more interesting by the day. so i'm fresh off a day of nearly perfect snowboarding, finally feeling the pains of tumbling down a mountain for 6 hours. i'm sore in nearly every muscle. it feels great. started an early work shift, since its spring break here. turns out the potluck i thought we were going to have was postponed til wednesday, and i bought two buckets of KFC chicken in vain. oh well, got plenty of people wondering who's chicken was sitting on the potluck table. i think i've even caught the attention of the HOTTEST girl working in my area, too. because of the my misinformation, she initiated conversation about it. i felt like a dumbass most of the day today because of that damned postponed potluck. good thing it all balanced out at the end of the day. co-worker Matt had me laughing most of the time with his remarks and the accents he kept playing with all day. learned a new workload, so i won't be stuck looking for something to do. and then, the moment that made the whole day worthwhile:
so the HOT girl is getting ready to end her shift, and i'm up to get some work to do. i walk up to a cart of work thats a few feet away from her desk, and she walks to her desk, looks at me and tells me not to forget my buckets of chicken. we smile, shortly laugh, i thank her for reminding me, god knows i would have most likely forgotten. i grab my work, go back to my desk and get back to work, i'm already behind. i spot her from the corner of my peripheral vision, making her way towards my desk. i look up, and she's standing next to me, asking if i would like a piece of the cake she brought for her group's potluck. it's strawberry. i gladly accept. i look at Matt, and he cheers me on saying, "way to go Rodney!", much to my embarassment. she hand's me a fairly big piece of frosted strawberry shortcake, and goes back to her desk to get ready to go. Matt says to her, "where's the love?", hoping to get some attention from the most beautiful girl in IVS. i place the cake next to my computer and get back to work. even with my headphones on with rock music blaring, i can hear this vixen ask me, "you're the guy that brought the chicken, right?" confirming her thoughts, or prolonging our encounter? i say yes, she laughs, and leaves for the day. Matt says as she walks away for the third time, "damn, she can't get enough of you," adding an unnerving dance that only a white man can do. i try to hide the smile on my face, and were i lighter skinned, you would have seen me blushing. i think i'm smitten. never used that word before. sounds appropriate, considering the circumstances. c'mon now, if the most drop-dead gorgeous girl were to fawn a little bit of attention on the quiet and reserved guy (me), while the outgoing and humorous guy (Matt) sits idly by to witness such a contradictory moment, wouldn't your head be over your heels?

one more thing, snowboarding trip yesterday was the greatest. not just because of the weather (it lightly snowed), but because it was a gathering of friends that haven't been in the same place together since spring break last year. the fun factor completely made the day complete. although i didn't get to hit a run with Lance all day, i was able to ride with ron, orlando, and jun, several times. we were TEARIN' UP THE BUNNY SLOPE. nothing beats that.

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