Saturday, April 19, 2003

damn. where did all my hard drive space go? when i first got this laptop, max capacity was 27 gigs. within a month, i had already eaten up 6 gigs. i thought i could keep everything steady at 20.5 or so gigs, but all of sudden, i'm at 19.5...what the hell is taking up a whole gig that i don't know of?
...wait. never mind. the second i ejected the disc of warez i just archived, the space that i used to copy the files onto the CD-R returned to normal. hah. man, i was really scared for a moment. stupid RAM caches.
it seems my run on blogger will last a little bit longer than i originally intended, since i don't want to re-instate the SNAP section of my website. i'm trying to figure out a new design for both the main page and my personal blogspace, which i'm renaming AV. it's supposed to be short for Audia/Visuo. since mp3's aren't allowed on the server space, i won't be able to use the "audia" portion of the intended sub-section. i pretty much wanted AV to be a blog/photo/music dump site. write my thoughts, post a pic, provide music download. i'll see about circumventing the rules on mp3 uploads. for the people, but the people, ya know.

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