Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Peaks and valleys, or, Take those ups with the downs

Head down, legs jammin. That's usually how I assault my days. Today, however, I experienced the first flat tire of the year. It certainly dampened my plan in anticipation of the coming rains. Just right outside my block, I hit the flat of Franklin blvd and was entering the cadence. Days of spin cycle training put me into this groove that activates once I see open horizon. So I burned my legs out to reach velocity. Of course, there's thousands of debris particles on the road. A glass shard embedded in the rear tire made quick work of my ambition. Not even a mile into the 5 mile ride to Ryan's house on the other side of Elk Grove. Walked my bummed ass home and got to work repairing the bike once again. It is a 1980-something Fuji road bicycle with a scuffed-out "Special Tou--" brand on the front tube. Got it at this hidden bike shop near Sac City called Flare Cycles.. which I will have to return to soon to get the rims trued after pedaling a hundred feet on a busted tire. In the immediate future, that just means I am forced into a day of physical recovery after lifting heavy free-weights yesterday. Boohoo. And here I wanted to see how many pull ups I could do in a minute at the Tiger Cage. Next time, muscles, you will be destroyed.

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