Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grease those cogs, neuron serfs.

Alluring. Amusing. Appealing. Arousing. Attractive. Beguiling. Captivating. Charming. Delightful. Enchanting. Engrossing. Enjoyable. Entertaining. Enticing. Enthralling. Fascinating. Gripping. Intriguing. Inveigling. Mesmeric. Pleasant. Provocative. Riveting. Seductive. Spellbinding. Stirring. Tantalizing. Winsome.

It is my opinion that the word, "interesting" has become illusory when expressing one's opinion about art. I can appreciate the succinct use to describe the work's effect, however it fails to distill any individual perspective (or, ideally, weltanschauung) other than a limited vocabulary. Up your game, humans.


wade said...

I feel "interesting" is the de facto standard when it comes to talking about art. It's a great place to start. It's a nice word to open a discussion but it needs to be elaborated on. Granted, "interesting" may be a good word to leave it at if you don't have anything nice to say.

RAD said...

And then one will hear it consistently. Commonly without follow-up. I believe "interesting" made it onto the list of over-used words for 2005 or something. For the year 2008, "intense" was its successor. Or "interesting" becomes like the word "rough" or similar phenomena where it no longer carries meaning when rapidly repeated.

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