Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I lost my handy dandy list of the new music I'd either buy or download, so I'm putting it up here so I wont forget.

The Knife- Deep Cuts
Electronica duo, euro dance pop. I saw the CD at Tower Records, but it was about $19 (it came with a DVD). HMMM.

The Fiery Furnaces: Blueberry Boat
Havent seen it anywhere, but then again I didnt actually look for it yet.

The Shocking Pinks: Dance the Dance Electric
The album title sounds cool enough to make me want to buy it. HAHAH.

The Yellowswans a.k.a. D Yellow Swans: Bring the Neon War Home
It was distributed as a CD-R somewhere, but I saw a copy of it at Tower for 14. FOURTEEN DOLLARS for FIVE TRACKS. It probably sounds great.

Rogue Wave: Out of the Shadow
Saw a copy at The Beat downtown. Its on the Sub Pop label, which is a plus. It actually sounds kind of good from the little bits I've heard.

Comets on Fire: Blue Cathedral
Another Sub Pop signee, also in the Bay Area. Heavy rock sound, me likey. Theres a copy of the album at Tower.

The Citizens: Are We There Yet
NYC rock band, reminds me of Interpol. Chill music, for sure. There SHOULD be a copy at Tower, but there wasn't. Those fuckers.

Prince Po: The Slickness
Solo album away from his group Organized Konfusion. Production help from Raekwon, Madlib, and Danger Mouse makes me want to bump this hardcore.

The Foreign Exchange: Connected
A rapper from North Carolina and a beatmaker from the Netherlands teamed up to make this album, and they never even met before.

De La Soul: The Grind Date
It's De La Soul. I don't need to rationalize why I should get it, its a must.

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