Sunday, January 30, 2005

The most random 7 hours of my life
I woke up around 2pm, I think. I first remember being told to get ready because we were going to a house warming party at my cousins. I then remembered that Filipinos love to cook a ton of food at parties. I got ready in 10 minutes flat (thats INCLUDING a shower).
2:30 pm rolled by, and the priest came to do the blessings and what not. 15 minutes later, I'm given the signal to pig out. And that I did.
An hour later, my cousin' Melissa's boyfriend Darin offered to make me a margarita. Belvedere vodka. Hell yes. By 4pm, I had the slightest of loose buzzes creeping up. Someone put The Passion of the Christ on dvd, and I sat there immersed. 6pm finally arrives, and I go home to figure out the rest of my night.
When I got home, I burned a copy of Bright Eyes "Digital Ash in a Digital Urn" and The Mars Volta "Frances the Mute" for Pat and Alex, respectively. I got to the Monkeyhouse by 7pm, just missing a visit from Jen's London flatmates. Rob, Lazell, Nick, Kiel, Jasmine, Pat, and Audrey were there, chillin as per the usual routine. Half and hour later, Jaime comes home and commented on how "sharp" I looked that day (black ribbed turtleneck sweater, khaki pants & jacket, casual dress shoes, and a bowler cap). The hype is brewing.
After a few smokes with Kiel and designating him as a professional paragrapher, Alex gives me and Jaime a call. He just got off work and is hanging out at the Monkeybar. Nick and Pat went on a run for an 1/8th, and returned with quite a handful. He rolled a blunt, and I sparked a bowl from the hookah. I took a hit in rotation, then coaxed Jaime into going out tonight after he talked to Alex. It didnt take much, and soon he was ready to cruise the town. We said our goodbyes to the group we left at the house and journeyed forth.

Now here's where the random begins.

As I pulled onto Center parkway, Jaime gave Orlando a call to see if he was still down to come out tonight. Apparently, Lando changed his mind, but there was no changing mine. He thought I was joking, but I went straight to his house and ordered him to get outside and into my car. Jaime said something, some magic string of words that flipped his entire position. 10 minutes later, he's in my car and we're on our way downtown.
To my dismay, the crowd at the Monkeybar had thinned out from when I last talked to Alex, and ol' boy was just chillin in an apartment above the bar. Luckily, I found parking just a scant 30 feet away from the front door of the bar. Alex saw us through the window above, and called us over. A bit of deliberation, and we waltz into the bar. I get Lando a jack & coke, Jaime a black & tan, myself a pint of Sierra Nevada. Though the crowd at the bar turned haggard, there was a dope jazz band playing live in Cafe Bernardos, which is connected to the Monkeybar.
We sat for a good 15 minutes, and then another bone was thrown our way. Alex got word from his coworker that 2MEX was playing a show in Roseville. I was down, and so was Lando and Jaime. We finished our drinks, then headed back to my car. As I drove down 28th street, Jaime gave Ryan a call, knowing that Rai liked 2Mex from listening to the Visionaries. Fortunately, Ryan was on his way back from Davis, so we diverted his path home to meet us on a lonely street corner on N st. By 11:30pm, we had assembled the 5 man crew that would quest its way to Owl Club to see 2Mex rock the house.
By 11:45, the blunt hit started to kick in, as well as the brandy shot from Jaime's house. We got lost in downtown Roseville for about half an hour. The best part, however, was the fact that it was technically a 8 dollar cover for the show, but we actually strutted into the club and saw the performance without dropping a dime for the charge.
Regardless, 2Mex was dope. We caught the last half of the set, but it was still great. We left the Owl Club at 1:30am, with no more than an idea of what to do next. Upon leaving, Jaime spotted a 7 Eleven at the very moment that we unanimously agreed we needed beer. Not only did we purchase a 40 oz of beer per person, but we actually had extra. 4 MGD's, a Steel Reserve, MD 20/20, and a 6 pack of Sierra Nevada.
I bumped The Mars Volta the way back home and Jaime drank his 40. I dropped Ryan off at his car, and Lando rode with him. It turns out Ryan dropped Lando home, but Ryan came to Jaime's anyway. SOLDIER. From 2am to 5am, the stragglers from that night drank 40s and laughed until we became sleepy. Steel Reserve is the devil's nectar.

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