Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Not so fresh, but mostly clean

so i'm pretty much fully back in sacramento. a part of me was still in san diego, soaking up the atmosphere and 98+ degree weather. i was here physically, but a portion of my soul is always in SD. chillin with family for a day and a half was great, it always is. when we got to clairemont, i woke up my little cousin (who's not so little anymore, fuck, his voice is deepening!) and played some m:tg, and then set up my gamecube to play FF:CC... until 7:30 in the morning. it was fucking awesome. the next day, the whole family got together to celebrate my niece's (Mai) christening. afterward, the whole Fabila clan headed back to clairmont for my uncle's birthday party. this time, i was able to get another of my cousins to play FF:CC with us, and we bashed the fuck out of the game.
despite the meager amount of drama my mom was trying to get me into with my san diego family, they were really cool about everything. for one, when we got there on friday night, my mom went off on how i smoke and drink and blah blah blah. my uncle was real cool about it and handed me a beer. and most of the family doesn't care that i would smoke; it's really a more conscious family than say, the corpuz side.
i'm still astounded by the experience of being around my fabila family. the rugrat cousins play with their nieces, the toddlers freely jump on my back, its great.

now, back to sacramento life. the daily hum-drum of work and school. i think i'm off hiatus mode now, and it falls in perfectly with tomorrow since work was called off for that day. nolan's birthday is coming up, and then my own birthday celebration. i think may will be a good month, although i've got a truckload of school work to handle and the work situation is looking bleak. rebel rock, yo!

i just need to keep a couple of things in mind before alchoholism totally destroys my memory capacity.
1. get back into art or die trying
2. buy a mini-fridge to store my future caches of booze
3. website redesign
4. make sure i have enough money to get to san diego comic con
5. play more video games

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