Friday, April 30, 2004


so last night was the first of many nights to come, where liquor would be the way of celebrating the full legalization of my compatriots. i don't think i even drank that much last night, but i was definitely trashed by the end of night. it was a blast, BigJon came out, Ale dropped by late, PM3 was already buzzed when i got there, AWESOMENESS x5. the last i remember was sitting down on Jen's couch... and then opening my eyes at 6:30am. HAHAHAH.

and by now, the lucky bastards that are going to Coachella are either leaving or getting ready to go. FUCK. i'll be missing many of my favorite bands that will be performing at the 2 day concert. more injury to the insult is that i tried calling Miss #1, but as before, my call was in vain. no pick up. oh well.


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