Tuesday, February 03, 2004


This is unprecedented. I've gotten an unexpected amount of calls today, from sources that are the least likely to ever call me for anything important. For one, Jaime called me this morning around 11am, because I had left an away message up after I got back from dropping off the little sister to school. It said something about waking me up at 10am, and obviously Jaime failed at the task, but he at least tried. I was finally awake enough to get out of bed thanks to him, and headed to school a bit late.
After class, I checked my phone to see that I had a missed call during class. Usually, I could expect a call from Cheryl over something trivial but THIS was something else entirely. It was a missed call from Diana... I called her up, and we had a short catch-up conversation while I drove back home to grab something. After my last class, I dropped by her place to give her a copy of Incubus' new cd "A Crow Left To The Murder" and hung out with her for a couple of minutes.
Later, my cousin Geno called me up to tell me he's dropping by to borrow my guitar class textbook, and probably roll out with him to the Guitar Center.
Then, Alex the Kidd gives a random call to me, asking to kick-it.
Hot damn, is this "Get Social" Tuesday or something? Geeze, my week is barely half-way over, whats with everyone wanting to chill so suddenly?
Feh, what next, a call from Claudia? As if I didn't earn that surprise during the cabin trip, hah.

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