Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Prepostericity prolongated

Fortunately, no more random calls came in today, and ESPECIALLY not from Claudia, thank the deities. Instead, the night degenerated into something of a replay of the other Friday, where we were in desperate need of something fun to do. The "KidD" dropped by eventually, and we chilled like it was 93 til as usual. The usual rabble and conversation were juggled, from the eternal struggles of man with womankind to postulating future events to be experienced. The looming shadow of SDCC is starting to envelop our mind states.
After a visit to Borders, we searched out and kidnapped Jaime as he was walking home. We dropped by Hollywood video to see old boy Nolan. Renee was there, which was another random appearance of unexpected people into my day. Jaime rented some obscure movies, and we proceeded over to the Taco Bell nearby for some grub after some intense deliberation. The night was capped by a routine visit to Jen's house, where Rob, Nick, and Pat were hanging out waiting for Jen to get home.
All in all, this ridiculously "random" day of odd phone calls actually transformed into the same kind of nights we had back in the summer: cruise around, hang out at Jen's.

You can say it was a 'respark' of days past in days present. Hot shit.

postscript: I'm highly incensed now by the prospect of going to Coachella in May and the Atmosphere/Eyedea concert this Friday. ROCK!

postPOSTscript: Not to mention going to this rave/party being thrown by my friend Nick called Squareone on Ryan's birthday. ROLL!

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