Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Fuck, I finally got my Transformers Season 1 DVDs back. Now, who ever has my Transformers Season 2 part 1, "The Returner," and "Equilibrium," please, feel free to return those DVDs sometime before I die, ya?

And, yeah, I had this 'vow' to 'quit' smoking until such time that I might somehow defeat the addiction daemon, but have decided to hold that off. One, this 'vow' was made out of respect and the sake of a friendship, which I'm starting to lose sight of. Meaning, I am once again depreciating the value of a relationship I once held dear (d'oh). And two, I figured I'll just move the improbable task of quitting smoking into a different, more manageable timeframe. Lent. 40 days and 40 nights. If I can willingly abstain from masturbation for three months (which I've done in the past. Twice.), a month and 10 days without smoking should be a breeze, right? Maybe I'll try and include alchohol consumption into the mix AND sex. HAH.

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