Saturday, June 21, 2003

i'm pretty hyped. it seems i may get two chances to head to southern california this summer. so far, my first trip will come the July 4th weekend, when the majority of our cousins and some "extended" family will be going to L.A. to have some fun. the second possibility will be about a week after I get back from L.A. Ryan and i have put it upon ourselves to take the trek to san diego for the annual International Comic Convention. should this dream come true, it is guaranteed to be a blast. should i take the second trip back, though, i very well may go broke this summer after all. hopefully i'll have enough money left over for my snowboarding gear come winter.
i know, it seems like a waste to go back and forth from L.A. to Sac to San Diego. but hell, i'm not driving, but it'll be just as expensive to take the trip in the first place.
now, i've got to go about and get in touch with all the people who would possibly be going to SDCC, and find a way to hook up with them at the con. i might still be able to make this the best summer of my life. hopefully.

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