Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The Hulk comes out this Friday, aaaaand... i've been bloggin waaay too much lately. more so in this past week and a half than in the past 2 and a half months. what in the nine burning hells is going on?
i think she winked at me as i walked past her today. maybe not, but if so, it was a pleasant addition to the hum-drum days i've worked lately. she's cute, and a bangin body to boot. as my niggah Matt had once put it, "man, that Liliya, I'd take her so badly, wouldn't you?"
bah, another day, another 60 dollars made.
fuck, my wrist aching, to the point of unnatural pain. every four months or so, one of my wrists does something that makes it painful to extend the joint in any direction. it kind of freaks me out, especially since it's a chronic occurence. i'm getting oooold.

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