Tuesday, February 18, 2003

If you're looking for a good, new movie to rent or possibly buy, I recommend Rules of Attraction (James Van Der Beek, Shannon Sossamon), something akin to Requiem For a Dream in that it's a college movie (and you should know I'm all for college movies). It's a crazy movie about the lives of 6 or so college kids intertwined with sex, drugs and "rock and roll." Fairly explicit, and a great movie in terms of cinematography and directing. Rules of Attraction is to college dramedy movies as Fight Club is to action movies. Good shit.

Turns out, Spiderman: Legend of the Spiderclan ends at issue #5, making it the only issue for Kali to pencil. Sigh.
It also turns out, that I'm wasting my time on a girl who is essentially invisible. She's not there for me in times of significant need, nor does she attempt to be. It's quite sad that I'm the complete opposite of her. FUCK it. I'm done with her. Should you ask about me and her, I will attempt to implode your brains with my pyrokinetic abilities and evil glare attack.

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