Thursday, March 14, 2013

†╫®§Ð¥ЋɌɰÐШⁿ 009>> The Sonic Arms Race

Sifting through the world of music videos is a daunting, herculean effort when there's a cause involved. Enter Thursday. There is a lot of ammo in the month or so that I have abstained from discovering new content. Make no mistake, I have stockpiled a cinematic barrage.

All is Fair in Love and War

(A Side)

What better venue to harness siren charm. That "Gangsta Nancy Sinatra" motif is realized in this opulent ballroom setting, each pouty ounce and curve. The lyrics mesh in visual overtones that its almost a blunt force assault to at least one sense. Perhaps the greatest drawback (which is really, very minor) is the streak of commercial spots Lana Del Rey appeared in, which adds a smidge of waxy authenticity to "Burning Desire." Not a harmful fact at all considering she is an effective poster lady. Put a product anywhere around her and it can sell.
Hello, Jimbo. You have returned to the coasts of our ears with honed ferocity. Maybe you further deconstructed dubstep, maybe you trained in the mountains, the spiritual lumberjack that you are. "Retrograde" is an excellent primer for the vengeful soul sound you whisper. The accompanying video takes us past the craters of civilized noise, to some distant battleground where emotion and reason collide.
Excuse my lack of impartiality for The Weeknd. This guy does no wrong. Even if he admits it with his truthful cries. The underlying narrative is a war game of the genuine artist's life, juggling harsh realities of success, posturing a strong facade. But look at his eyes, hear his voice; something is going on that reaches into the core of a man's struggle. The thematic portrayal is as real as the wonderful breasts displayed.
These music videos are rather dramatic, huh? One of the roots of human conflict are clashing emotions. Fanatical, zealous love can spur people to do some rather dramatic things. Sami shows us that "Crazy" is a reasonable state to be in when love is involved. Take that unrelenting emotion, give it a room in the forest of our hearts, and more than one person will get hurt. The story builds to an exceptional climax that can force one to ponder which side to take in such a passionate moment. Thank the tense cinematography for that emotional appeal.
Even though I curated this list with universally seductive intent, it is overflowing with sexual tones. This thrwdwn edition was geared toward warfare of the romantic kind, some offerings to get the weekend into an underneath-the-sheets vibe. JMSN is my default suggestion for emotional fuel. The singer and the drink. If "Twenty Eight" was too much, "Make It Last" is scaled down to the mere factors of longing eyes, snaking textiles, and psychedelic mirror imagery. The music video is reminiscent of a magical Saturday night/Sunday morning memory.
This video is perhaps the most weighty narrative in this edition. Foals' other music video "My Number" showcases the youthfully shadowed world of the venue. "Late Night" is that seedy recess where few brave/forsaken dare tread. Its some powerful stuff juxtaposing borderline pornographic scenes with that of child birth. There are shades of impending doom and regret as Yannis pleads and the dramatis personae struggle. Another strong candidate for the "THIS IS MY SH!T" award.
There is not much distraction to this straight-forward video. Stripped bare and desaturated, the imagery is an effective means to allow viewers to become enraptured by the magic of Indiana's voice. Despite a minimal take, one is given room to imagine what lurks in the background of the scene, the mind, the heart.
In the past, I was not very keen to Miguel. That opinion has slowly worn away and I see him as a worthy contender in the current arena of rhythm and blues music. "Candles in the Sun" brings important precedent and context to the singer's arsenal. Shot in modest black and white to better reflect the absolutes in society, and we cannot forget there are a lot of grays throughout as well. Magnificent work.
Welcome to the war for listeners, MØ. You are a refreshing addition to the ranks of soaring vocals, showing us the Danish are still a force to reckon. The visuals glide from cold colors to the coldness of black and white, a neat contrast to the songstress' warm voice. Also, wearing a Batman t-shirt is much appreciated.
Hey, its Thom Yorke dancing.

All the World Is A Stage

(B Side)

Let us take a step away from the bedlam of emotional context. Admire the theater of truth that we live in, a thread of reality unique to, and undeniably separate from the souls that populate it. Perhaps the holographic dome is so independent from the act of perceiving it that... the wave function is the soul of the multiverse. No? Then watch these videos and admire the enigmatic odeum of the space that surrounds us.

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