Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Future is a Mesh Stallion!

Life is velocity now, and it is orienting in ascent; to zenith realms, to brave new worlds. These goals are believably achievable this century. Avante!

_Finish all of my graphic novels
_Produce an animated feature (potentially based on said graphic novels)
_Write a screenplay for a short film and/or episodic series
_Read Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions (as well as host of books I have on my Discourse Pact)
_Get new hardware: scanner, camera, easel, etc
_Finalize a portfolio/design a website
_Acquire a sleek road bike, a rugged mountain bike, and master the unicycle
_Search for Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest
_Slim down to 155-160 lbs, getting mildly shredded in the process
_Actuate an aggressive graffiti installation campaign
_Synchronize the wardrobe
_Collaborate on a grand, progressive musical record
_Road-trip across the continental United States to eat regional cuisine
_Curate an art exhibition that synthesizes visual themes with my favorite musicians/performers
_Mete out extralegal punishment
_Finish The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and complete the Pokedex
_Meet the Dalai Lama and attain Buddhahood
_Learn to do a backflip as well as breakdancing techniques I was not able to do as a kid
_Defeat ghosts with a combination of sorcery and technology
_Grow the beard out to the longest length possible
_Befriend a blind person, and include a little person into my social circle
_Become an Emergency Medical Technician to ride in an ambulance
_Procure a sea-worthy vessel
_Augment my body with cybernetics
_Visit artistic comrades across the planet
_Take a flight into Lower Earth Orbit and/or outer space
_Explore the Philippines' geography, familiarizing myself with the cities, too
_Pilot a helicopter I own, and subsequently learn to skydive
_Old World Adventure and reconditioning my knowledge of European languages
_Witness a Sepak Tekraw match and Muay Thai bout
_Use a time machine, verifying certain eras of history
_Ride a cloned triceratops or brontosaurus
_Open a combination cafe/comic book studio-lounge
_Earn a Master of Fine Arts degree
_Complete a triathlon

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