Wednesday, May 06, 2009

One last thing

I'm a hater. Not an overt hater, just a cynical, critical, and highly jaded individual. And these features are fairly visible in my character. I hate on the majority of contemporary/pop music, guys with cute girls, korean-made sushi, even the institution of art that I am currently trying to claw my way into. Essentially, most things produced are related to modern society. What I don't hate on (too much) is science and those true factors in this universe that immediately validate our existence. That being said, I adore minimalism in art and the visible light spectrum. I figure, if one can see, they oughta appreciate the tangible beauty of reality. I would hate (and sincerely pity) blindness. Or the lack of any senses that contribute to empirical reasoning.

Lately, I've shifted my color tastes around. Last year, I was all about saturated reds in contrast with blues. Cyan versus Magenta. Blood and water. Earth and sky. The vibration of those colors appeal to my nature. This year, I've moved on to a new set of color pairs that may be even weirder. Recent paintings have seen me dip into a clash of purple and green. Incredible Hulk colors. The lush colors of my favorite cannabis flavors. Purple and orange, a reminder of sherbert ice cream for me. Yellow ochre plus blue or green. Most of the time, I voluntarily loosen my grasp on image and form in favor of color application. And most of the time, my paintings tend to suffer because of it. I seriously considering quitting painting as a physical process and switching over to digital painting. Cleaning up is ANNOYING.

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