Sunday, November 21, 2004


I've charged up a shitstorm onto my credit card lately. Although I've never hit my card limit, this is nigh the closest I've gotten to excessive spending in a long while. Yesterday, I went to a ski/snowboard swap @ Cal Expo. Bought myself a parka impulsively, and then bought a snowboard on a whim. Grand total: $300

Today, I plan to drop by Toys R Us and buy a Nintendo DS, which just came out. Afterward, I've got to get some gas; another exorbitant expense. If I don't run into more things to buy, the prospective grand total would be $190.

And by the time I'm done with work (assuming I don't get fired before then), I might end up buying an Xbox + 4 controllers + Halo2, as well as around 5 Gamecube games + 2 controllers. Possible total: $700. Plus, I've got a cabin trip, snowboard boots + bindings, and a book publishing to pay for. Yay.

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