Friday, September 24, 2004


ONCE AGAIN. once a-fuckin-gain, the overwhelming feeling of disjointedness, the feeling of being lost, STRIKES me. like i'm a lightning rod in a shitstorm.

i dropped a crucial class, color theory. if i had kept it and been able to complete the class work, it would have been an advantage for me in the long run. alas, this is what i get for bad decisions.

whats worse, is that i had this goal to be able to churn out AT LEAST a page of sequential art every one and a half days. i did well for the first 4 days, and then the steam and fervor started to dwindle. if i can't get to work on my comic project, i will fall deeper into limbo. add to this doldrum of creativity the ever-changing circumstances of the BIG PICTURE, and i'm in some serious mental straits. i'm trying to unite the rag-tag group of internet artists i'm allied with to produce a BOOK, but things seem to keep slipping from my control. a good chunk of my crew, LJ/Travis/Sheldon/Stefan/Jakub are contributing to a book of equal immenseness, Void PULPO. so many factors keep skewing the plan. Vince has no scanner, Jonathan's reliability falters because he works too much, Danny is off the radar, Alpha is usually MIA, Seth barely draws anymore, Joe is a slack, Khris' schooling is higher priority, and Ryan is...Ryan. The only person i know that is willing to throw down is Steve.

i'm not sure what i can do anymore.

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