Thursday, August 05, 2004


It's been what, two weeks since I got back from San Diego? Consider this the first time I've actually gotten on track with ANYTHING since I got back. The trip was too much for words, and I definitely wish I were still in San least for the rest of the summer or something.

However, returning to Sacramento life has gotten much more important lately, as a couple of major events are coming together in which I have a part to play.

For one, a major business venture/partnership has formed between my group and Terence's group. Essentially, Terence wants to help us get our names out in the art world. I'm still around 10% unsure about how everything will work out, but I'm game to actually get the ball rolling here.

Secondly, Alex's art show starts next saturday, at the Red Square Cafe off of Alhambra (in midtown). Although I fail to keep in touch with him and work on the details of the inaugural night of the art show, I'm sure we'll work it out and put together a great event. So far, I'm told at least two acts will perform at the cafe for the night of the art show, and we've got a dozen and one other things to go over to make the show more than a flop.


The summer blues has been setting in, and I'm sleeping in more often, and doing hardly anything productive now that I'm out of a job. On top of that, video games have been dominating my waking hours. School starts in a mere two weeks.

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