Friday, July 16, 2004


work today was...for some odd reason, one of the best ones. today was the third to the last day of work for me, and as usual, the cool things ALWAYS seem to happen at the latest possible moments. firstly, i got NOTHING done today, i basically zoned out for 8 hours straight. awesome. i probably DID get something done, but i can't remember because i was barely conscious.
normally, i'm anti-social at work, and i rarely talk to any of the people around me, only to laugh if i overhear a joke or something. today, however, i actually chatted with everyone around me, which probably added to my lack of production. oh well. talked to some of the cute asian girls that sit near me, took three too many smoke breaks, essentially i was the posterboy of bad employee. but it doesnt matter anymore, because my supervisor is gone, and the supervisor that was assigned to watch over us is somewhere deep in the cubicles out of sight. every other student assistant there dozed off on their desks.

OK, highlight of the work day: so there's this new starbucks stand outside of the nearby cafeteria, and for the past week or three, i've been eyeing the new girl they hired. cute, really cute. so i bought some random drink and basically talked to her for the whole of a break. her voice, oh god. basically, she's a cool cat, and was easy to talk to. and yeah.

but the real highlight of the day was sleeping in the chair out in the patio on the far side of the building. at 6am, NO ONE cares if you sleep in a chair during break or on top of your work. hahahahhahaha.

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