Wednesday, May 05, 2004


i have neither the energy, capacity, patience, time, or love for it as i once had. sure, i've doodled some random shit every other week or so...but i have not done anything artistically productive in so long. consider this the dear john letter to art. i'm done with you for now. i've been saying i'm an artist, that i want to draw comics and that shit, but that's like a lie now. no more deception; i'm not going to fool you or myself any longer. and not just art in the sense of pencil to paper, but all the other areas of creative expression. i don't want you in my life right now. i just feel like i need to start fresh, a new path away from the shitty feeling i get when i think of myself and art. its like a sort of PRESSURE on me when it comes to art, as if there are expectations and standards i'm supposed to meet. i dont want that, i get enough of that kind of shit from parents.

but i'll be back to give you some sweet lovin when the time is right.

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