Sunday, March 07, 2004


Today was good, this is true. Although everyday is not without it's regular routines of being slaved, today was still good. Went to church, didnt really give a damn, so I rocked what i wore yesterday as well as my glasses. No one to impress, nor do I expect to impress anyone anytime soon. Finished up chores, including mowing the lawn. The weather is finally shifting to the sweet sweet air of spring. I wore shorts today, a sign of this change. We were out of petro for the mower, so I had to drive out to the nearest gas station and buy it myself. No big deal. After getting some gas, I dropped by Jen's place, only to catch her on her way off to work. However, I really dropped by Jen's to see how Rob was doing from last night's spree of liquor consumption. Needless to say, ol' boy was quite hung-over. Kicked it for a bit with him, smoked a 'square,' rolled on home. Finished mowing, and got word from Rob that he didn't need a ride home. Instead, Pat drops me a message online, asking if I'd bring him to Adam's to pick something up. Sure thing, bucko. I swoop up Pat, and we cruise out to Adams. Spent a good 20 or so minutes, smoked a bit more, chit-chatted until sundown. I drop Pat off, then get home to eat some dinner. And now... I'm actualyl doing art! HOLY shit. Page one of an intended 24 page comic.

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