Monday, August 11, 2003

heres your uncommon update. these past few days have been fairly busy, and today has been my recharge day. i took a couple of naps, achieving nothing at all, waking up just in time to catch the east coast showing of FLCL on Adult Swim. what a weird, but great show.
Friday, kicked the weekend off with this GREAT party @ Diana's for her birthday, along with Roberta's. I, along with those that rolled with me that night, were the first ones in, last ones to speak. didn't go home until 7am the next day. fun fun fun.
Saturday, slept most of the day, and got back up to get ready for an art show. the first set of plans to get there fell through, and i ended up stranded for a while, with no way to get to J. Street. finally, Amador came through and i rolled with him the rest of the night. after the art walk, we hit up a small kickback. not that bad of a night, but it could have been better.
Sunday, woke up early and once again rolled with Amador to San Francisco for a Zinefest. the fest wasn't that great, so we cruised over to Haight-Asbury with Amador's friend James. we met up with Matt Leunig after hitting up the KidRobot store, and from there we went to the Isotope comic store and kicked it until we left. after San Francisco, we went to Walnut Creek for a Japanese cultural festival with Amador's dad. we stopped by Flying Color's comic store while there, and got lost on the way back. fun times.
so it was a weird three days. first off, it was like a step into my past, meeting a bunch of old school friends and acquaintances. i even had a moment, albeit a drunken one, at the party on friday. hopefully that moment wasnt some isolated incident that was alchol-induced. a day and a half of some of the best moments of my life, and i switch over to step into the world of my friend Amador. met some of his folks, kicked it with circles of people in his social. makes me realize how small my world is. but anyway, met some of his kind of people, and a special "friend" of his, as well as his Dad and half-brother.
great weekend, but now i'm pretty fuckin tired. bah.

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