Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Monday was really cool day, it made me even more psyched to go to San Diego in one week's time. Ryan, Jaime and I went to the midtown area, Q street, to visit an old friend of ours; a soldier of the arts, whom i haven't seen it quite some time. For some reason, Alex seems to just disappear from the face of the earth, and then pops up at almost random times. I usually never find him, he'll find me.
So we dropped by his apartment yesterday night, and kicked it with him, catching up on good times. I had hoped he'd be able to hit the San Diego Comicon with us, but he's got to make rent, and going off to San Diego for a week wouldn't cut it. Half an hour after we arrived, Adam Cunningham and Cindy drop by, which must be something of a routine they have on this, Alex's day off. At that point, the kick-it session turned into a mini-art jam session. We looked through Alex's art, and I was able to check out the progression in his skills. Adam and Alex did their own thing, and I had also partaken of the session. Ryan and Jaime did not.

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