Thursday, June 05, 2003

hm. it's been a long week since i last recorded recent events. short story long: exhaustion. exhausted from the near constant (i exaggerate) string of communique from previously mentioned old friends, ex, and her. i have truly become everyone's step ladder. bahhh. sure, i like being called upon to help, but damn. it can get quite tedious when it comes day after day. and i still havent put pencil to paper lately and drawn for the pure joy of it.
tonight, my cousin Mary Grace is graduating from high school, and the fam and i will be having a rather large dinner at a chinese restaurant somewhere. tomorrow, i'll have to wake up early once more, this time i'll be taking the ex so she can take her driving permit written test thing. bah. why am i such a sucker?

before i forget, she told me today that she's got a chance to be on MTV's next "Real World" season in San Diego. i woke up early this morning to let her borrow my vidcam so she can tape the third phase of the interview process, which was a telephone interview. i'm actually pretty excited for her, although i tried not to show it today. the exhaustion of this past week has rubbed off as hostility toward her, although i did not intend for my problems to manifest itself that way.

i, in no way, intended for the early part of my summer to be a re-run of my past, what with her, kris, jr, and carol equally occupying my waking time and thoughts. i had hoped to spend some of my summer vacation with this one girl named Anh, but she turned the tables on me at the last second. and that really sucked. there was also the outside hope to try and hook up with this hottie from one of my classes this past semester...but thats a very slow work in progress. so much for summer lovin, hah. thus far, the only love i'm getting is from Neverwinter Nights, and oh, am i spankin that ass. figuratively speaking.

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