Sunday, January 26, 2003

Saturday recap: Snowboarding great, road trip horrible. It was quite possibly the worst chain of events to occur to one person on one day. First, things go quite well; Ron and I leave my house around 7, and hit the bank so I can get money for the lift ticket at Northstar. Ron forgot the directions to the fourth member of our party (1st link of chain), so we go to his house to retrieve it. We get Orlando, and head on over to get Shannon (Ron's friend, and the fourth part of the group). Halfway to Northstar, Ron realized he forgot to fill up on gas before leaving Sacramento, so he was forced to make a stop at some gas station in Rocklin (2nd link). After gasing up, Ron made a hasty exit, but apparently, he forgot to remove the nozzle from the gas cap. Because of that, the entire panel from the gas kiosk was demolished, ripped right off. Feces hits fan, fecal matter flying everywhere. I cannot begin to tell you how bad that turned out. Nonetheless, our trip to the slopes was not deterred, as I had prayed fervently for the world to not end. Remarkably, we made this very traumatic event a joke afterwards. The road trip from hell continued onward. Ron drove much more cautiously from that point on.
We made it to Northstar relatively unharmed, other than the wound to Ron's ego. We all rode well that day, as if we never stopped at that 76 gas station, and life was peachy keen. After all was said and done for this wonderful day of mountain slush and 5-star carving, we packed up and proceeded back to the suburban life.
After leaving the snow-capped mountains of Tahoe, we stopped in some small town to eat. We settled on In 'n Out, even though the joint was extremely crowded. I guess the small town folk love the good old In 'n Out. Hah. Still sticking to his diet, Ron ordered a veggie burger (3rd link). What he ended up getting was a burger-less hamburger. Pretty disgusting. At that point, Ron was told to go back to the same gas station to get their contact information for the insurance company (4th link). Dun Dun Duuunnnnnn.
We backtracked to the scene of the accident, and actually got gas again. Fortunately, the same staff that were present earlier in the day weren't around. We made it back to Sacramento without further problems.
After dropping Shannon off first, we got onto the onramp, and heard a very disturbing noise from the roof (5th link). We had to loop back onto the offramp, and make another trip to the onramp to see what it was. To top this amazing day off, what we found on the onramp was Ron's board, which had slid off the ski rack because he had forgotten to secure the rack after dropping Shannon off.
Fate was really out to get Ron that day. Poor bugger.

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